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Dennis Tice, Susan Burket and Mike Burket, 1999
All Rights Reserved

Catherine McCory is making a journey
She's walking alone from her Arlington home
Mr. Topalski, you're not far behind her
But does England know where you're going, do you?
Take one last bow on Palatine Road

A mother, a father, a writer, a scholar
Where are you now?
Your ticket is in hand
The passengers gathering, a train whistle blowing
Drawing you near the angel of light
Where shades of grey melt to black and white

Sweet Ualani left us on the twenty third
Ending what was a beautiful life
Not more than thirty, her family's still hurting
Her passing has left a great void in their lives
Now they're all alone in Alexandria

But as she climbed higher, her husband was smiling
Cause she was set free, she was set free
Will you be joing my sweet Ualani
Or will you be fooled by this world and it's schemes
And wake up alone on Palatine Road

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