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Here are lyrics and song information about some of our original material. Click on the song title for the lyrics.

The Scarlet Letter There are many people, Christians and non-Christians alike who have aborted a child in their past. Many live with the despair of the lost child. This is not written from the perspective of an outsider, "Oh Lord, they're killing millions." but from the pain of the person who is living with the grief of having a child lost by their own choice. It puts into words the grief that a person would feel about the son or daughter that never was.
Palatine Road, May 1989 The first part of this song was written, based on a May 1989 obituary column from the Chicago Tribune. Two prominent citizens who passed away were "in state" at a funeral home on Palatine Road, near Chicago. The first part of the song reflected my thoughts on what they may see and hear on their journey, if they were not Christians. The second part, written by Suzy, deals with the loss of a Christian friend, at a very early age. It talks about the pain of the loss, but the joy of knowing that she would be with Christ and be "set free".
Gotta Meet Them Where They Are We, as Christians are "Fishers of Men". But the Sunday Morning Church service is often steeped in a "religious" atmosphere that clouds the simple truth that Jesus spoke ... relationship with God. Christianity, in it's true essence isn't a religion, it is a relationship. We must take this message and present it in a language that non-Christians can hear and understand.
Double Edge Blue A non-Christian, full of despair, on the brink of suicide. Double edge blue is the razor blade in his hand. Jesus can make old things new, even a life that is in chaos. This is a message of hope and forgiveness.
I Gave Up Religion for Lent A humorous account of my journey to "Relationship" out of the bondage of "Religion". After all, "Satan believes in Jesus too ... so what's the difference between him and you?"
Blood Moon A sign of the times ... when the moon will turn blood red. This piece is about the end of the age and Christ's return for His followers.
Did Adam and Eve Have Navels? How often Christians "split" from one another, over minor issues. Did Adam and Eve have navels? Well, the navel is a scar, is it not? Adam and Eve were directly created by God, not born of the womb with an umbilical cord. But every one else has one. This is a "fun" thing to contemplate, but the church leader in this song takes it a step further, in his quest for ultimate truth.
Through a Child's Eye A song about lost love. With a bluesy, nightclub jazz sound.
Twinkle, Tinkle, Tattle Three keys to a successful Christian walk (or strut, if the tempo is right!)
Goin Against the Flow This is a kid's song with a calypso feel. Even Christian steel-drum players (especially Christian steel-drum players, if you ask me) know that the "Big Names" in the bible weren't afraid of being labeled "odd" for going their own way.
Evening Prayer I've prayed over my children, that they'll grow up straight and true, and that they'll come to know Christ as their Lord. This is an affirmation of my unconditional love to them and my request for God to watch over them as they grow up and go through life trials.
Worthy is the Lamb In the Revelation, John says that the Angels will sing, "Worthy is the Lamb". This is an acknowledgement of Christ as Lord and the Worthy Sacrifice for man's reconciliation with God.